Introducing Splash of Color… a visually stunning and exciting new television series, featuring the passionate painter, Robert Hagan.

Take an adventurous and thrilling tour of the world with Robert, a rugged globe trotting Aussie artist, who takes his paint brush and palette to the far flung corners of the planet.

In breathtakingly beautiful and highly unusual locations, he embarks on a ceaseless personal quest. His quest is to find fascinating and colorful stories, as an inspirational motivation for his vibrant storytelling paintings.

It is this passionate personal quest that takes Robert Hagan from such wildly diverse landscapes as the vast cattle spreads of America’s middle west, to the timeless temples in the jungles of Cambodia and onto the pristine beaches of tropical island paradises.

Right from the start Robert was an artist who had to get up close to his subjects and get to the bottom of everything. In this unique way he brings you a truly memorable television experience in each episode.

We all have favorites but for me every place is a favorite, in one way or another, because some special quality emerges to motivate me to paint! So if I seem to hang around an area a bit long its simply because my painting urges are powered up and beckoning me to stay. As I see and paint I think of something that would be a good handle to hang on my paintings, thus the quote!


© 2012 Splash of Color - Robert Hagan


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